My First Christmas Card of 2022

I stamped, die cut and colored some images from Hero Arts. I glued a small piece of cardstock to the back of the right hand side of the bench then glued the left side to the tree. I used the grid lines on my Make Art station to keep them straight while I glued them together.

After adding a shim to the back of the animal stack where they are above the bench I glued them in place then glued on the star without a shim because all of the star sits flat against the tree.

Next I adhered a piece of Elizabeth Craft double sided adhesive to a white card base. I removed the release paper from the adhesive and using my grid and the release paper to help with alignment I stuck my die cut collage to the card base.

Then I placed the release paper on top of the collage and pressed it in to the adhesive to be sure it adhered well.

I wanted to start my season with plenty of sparkle so I used Elizabeth Craft Microfine Silk Glitter for the background. I love this glitter, once you burnish it in to the adhesive it stays put. I used Cool Diamond for the snow and clouds and Bluebell for the sky.

I brushed on the Cool Diamond with a soft paint brush, tapped off the extra and returned it to the container. Next I poured Bluebell over the whole piece. I tapped off the extra and returned it to the container. Then I burnished the glitter into the adhesive by rubbing in a circular motion with my finger tips. After burnishing I brushed off the loose glitter and put it in my mixed colors container. Then I wiped the card with a dry Swiffer cloth.

Last I added a die cut frame and sentiment. The raw edges of the Elizabeth Craft adhesive stay quite sticky. The frame covers them and gives the card a finished look.

I hope this inspires you to get started making your own Christmas cards. Happy crafting.

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